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Simply designed by Tracy

Small Biz QR Code Sign

Small business owner? Are you looking for a pop-up event sign? Look no further! Allow potential future customers to get in contact with you if they're looking for something special that they want made into a gift for someone special.


- When choosing wood, material that is used is birch plywood.
- When choosing white acrylic, material will be white and engraving will be painted with black color.
- When choosing black acrylic, material will be black and engraving will be painted with white color.
- 'All engraved' means that everything on your sign will be engraved and depending on your material, if on acrylic, engravings will be painted in with the specified color in additional info.
- '3D lettering + Icons' means that the QR codes will be engraved and the lettering will be done in the acrylic color of your choice.
- 'All-In-One' signs will include a wood stand (see Makuahine Kolu sign).
- 'Slotted Codes' signs will include its own slotted stand & will be the same material as you chose (see Beauty Works sign).

Prices shown are due to increases in pricing for material used.

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