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Graduation Chain Lei with Acrylic Name

Graduation Chain Lei with Acrylic Name

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Graduate's name in acrylic with acrylic link chains made into a lei.

Sizes for Acrylic Name:
- 10 inches
- 12 inches
- 15 inches

This name plate lei will only offer names in Blackiron font (as displayed in the image). To see a live preview of a name, click here.

***How you type the name (capitalized, lowercase or regular way) is how the name will look. (Ex: NOAH RILEY vs Noah Riley vs noah riley)
***Max letters is 12, however, please be reassured that the longer the name, the smaller the height of the name will be.

This name plate lei will also only come in the following details:
*BACKING: Black, White, Clear or Frosted
*NAME COLOR: Mirror acrylic

Please ensure that you specify the name of the school if you want me to match the school colors on the lei. Ex: WaipahuHS, blue & gold / KaimukiHS, green & gold.

**This is only for a SINGLE line name. Stacked names are not available**

TURNAROUND TIME FOR THIS ITEM IS 2-4 WEEKS. If you need this sooner, please place your order NOW, rather than later.

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