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Glass Ornament

Get this custom K9 Glass Ornament personalized just in time for Christmas!

SIZE + SHAPES: *all shapes range from 2" - 3.5"
- Teardrop (2.25" wide)
- Oval (3.25" tall x 2.25" wide)
- Heart (2.25")
- Large Circle (3.25")
- Small Circle (2.25")
- Diamond (3.25" tall x 2.25" wide)

- If you're choosing to have a photo engraved, please email your picture to:
- Make sure your photo is clear to avoid mistracings.
- If you'd like to add a name to your item, list them in the notes box.
*Mockups will be emailed to you prior to production.

- The "Oval" and "Diamond" shapes will not have an option for 2 & 3 person portrait engraves.
- For portraits you can list 2-3 names that will be added onto the ornament.
- Style #1 can be changed to "Our First Christmas Married", "Our 1st Home" or anything that has "First" in it.
- Style #2's before & after words (the, family) can be changed to "Da & Ohana" or "The & Ohana".
- Other can be used if you want something other than the choices listed. Ex: Different saying or different picture/drawing such as your house, motorcycle, etc.

Prices shown are due to increases in pricing for material used.

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