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Simply designed by Tracy

Wi-Fi QR Code Sign

Are you the host of every party? Make it easy for your guests to scan your WiFi code with their phone - & viola! - they're connected to your internet without you trying to look or remember the password.

This item is a great to gift a friend, family, coworker or new homeowner.

- Birch Plywood
- White Acrylic
*Stands will be the same exact material as what you choose: Birch with birch, white acrylic with white acrylic

- 8.50" tall x 9.75" wide
- 1/4" Birch Plywood
- 9.75" wide (stand)

INFORMATION NEEDED: *list these in the notes box*
- SSIN (Network name)
- Password

OTHER INFO: *please read thoroughly*
- Capitalization, numbers and symbols in your password must be accurate in order for your code to work.
- All wording and qr code will be engraved on each sign.
- If choosing birch ply as the material, all information will be engraved only.
- If choosing acrylic as the material, all information will be engraved and filled in with black color for easy reading and scanning.

Prices shown are due to increases in pricing for material used.

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