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Music QR LED Light

Music QR LED Light

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Light up your living room or room with the Music QR LED Light! Featuring an engraved design and LED light with music capability, this light will add ambiance to any room. An oval wooden stand with LED lights is included with purchase.

- 7" x 6.5"

MUSIC URL: *you will be sent a QR code MOCKUP only (not full mockup of light) prior to production to ensure song & artist is correct*
- Code will be generated from either Spotify or YouTube; whichever you prefer.
- Size of code will be adjusted to fit area.
***For those who choose Spotify, you must have an account to allow for full song play. For those who scan the Spotify code that does not have an account, the song will still play, however, it will only play for 30 seconds.

- Each display provides names for the couple and their special date.
- If no names or dates are provided, there will only be song information displayed.
- Wording in design #2 & #6 can be changed to your liking.
- If choosing design with picture, it will be printed on matte sticker paper and applied to acrylic as shown in product mockup. It is not UV printed.
***If you'd like a custom design, please send an email to; additional charges will apply.

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