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Keiki Name Puzzle

Keiki Name Puzzle

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Due to insurance purposes, Keiki Name Puzzles are best suited for children ages 5 & up.

Effective January 1, 2022: Keiki Name Puzzles will no longer include wood letters and its own stand. Puzzles will only include clear acrylic letters with a bag to hold them in.

BOARD + LETTER SIZE: *sizes will vary depending on the keiki's name*
- board will measure anywhere between 6" - 16" (length) and approximately 4"-4.5" (height).
- letters will measure approximately 2"-3" (height), depending on the amount of letters in keiki's name.

- Max letters is 16. If keiki's name is hyphenated, letters (minus the hyphen) must add up to 16. The longer the name, the smaller the letters will be. I will do my best to fit in all letters.
- All hyphens or okina's (apostrophe) will be engraved.
- Names will be capitalized to refrain from small pieces that are potential choking hazards.
- If electing engraving, there are no max letters. You can do the keiki's full name or indicate a note such as "happy birthday".
- Engraving position: Please make sure you indicate (further) in the personalization box if you want your engraving in a specific place (ex: Front Center, above name)

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