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Interchangeable First/Last Day Sign - LONG VERSION

Interchangeable First/Last Day Sign - LONG VERSION

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Keep the traditional alive with this interchangeable first and last day sign for your keiki before and after the school year.

- 10" x 12"

- 1/4" Birch Plywood
- 1/8" White Acrylic

- This sign roars with personalization options. Get the keiki's name engraved on their school sign and just write in their information on the first and last day of school to see how far they've come.
- Choose a font from the list in the images when personalizing.
- Names are engraved at the top of the sign if electing for personalization. 

- First and Last day pencil is interchangeable with Velcro on the back. 
- (1) Black Dry Erase Marker with eraser is included in pricing (not pictured).
- If not electing personalization, a white acrylic box will be added on the top (just as pictured)
- This sign is engraved, cut to size, sanded, then coated with clear coat to have a smooth finish. Wood for this sign is left natural, no staining.

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