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Custom Engraved Walnut Ring Box

Custom Engraved Walnut Ring Box

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Tired of the "standard" ring box that your ring is in? Get a custom engraved walnut ring box to keep your ring(s) in when it's not on your finger. This walnut box has 2 magnets on opposite ends to help keep the box closed.

- Box itself is 2" wide.
- Box height is 0.98" tall.
- Ring area is 1.37" wide and 0.47" deep.

- For designs that display a date, you must list a date, otherwise your order will be refunded.
- These ring boxes can be used just for one ring or the bride & grooms ring.
- LADIES*** If your diamond on your ring is larger than 0.5" all around, the depth of this box will be too small.

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