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Custom Engraved Walnut Ring Box

Tired of the "standard" ring box that your ring is in? Get a custom engraved walnut ring box to keep your ring(s) in when it's not on your finger. This walnut box has 2 magnets on opposite ends to help keep the box closed.

- Box itself is 2" wide.
- Box height is 0.98" tall.
- Ring area is 1.37" wide and 0.47" deep.

- For designs that display a date, you must list a date, otherwise your order will be refunded.
- These ring boxes can be used just for one ring or the bride & grooms ring.
- LADIES*** If your diamond on your ring is larger than 0.5" all around, the depth of this box will be too small.

Prices shown are due to increases in pricing for material used.

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